🔥Domestic U.S. Shipping - 2-6 days💥
🔥Domestic U.S. Shipping - 2-6 days💥
Wooden Puzzle Guarding Dragon
Wooden Puzzle Guarding Dragon
Wooden Puzzle Guarding Dragon
Wooden Puzzle Guarding Dragon
Wooden Puzzle Guarding Dragon
Wooden Puzzle Guarding Dragon
Wooden Puzzle Guarding Dragon

Wooden Puzzle Guarding Dragon

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Great as a gift

A gift that will surprise and stay in memory. Each puzzle is packed in a premium wooden gift box.

Each puzzle piece has its own unique shape.This is a high complexity of assembly (200 unique shape puzzles similar to 1000 usual cardboard puzzles in complexity)

Interesting for adults and children

All parts are cut from birch playwood so you can feel the woody aroma

Domestic US shipping 2-6 days!

This is not just a puzzle, it is a wooden puzzle. It will be a great gift for both a child and an adult. 

What kind of wonderful beast hid in a huge cave?
Huge stalactites hanging from the vaulted ceiling with spears. In the dark, you can hear a noisy breath, a slight squeaking, and rustling. You can feel the fever in your breath.
And suddenly, in the darkness, huge eyes light up like crystal balls with the azure of heaven inside and the stroke of the vertical pupil.
This is the Guardian Dragon.
There are many secrets and treasures in its cave. Many profit-hungry people have laid down their swords, spears, shields, armor, and increased their wealth.
And only the owner of a pure heart and a clear mind will be able to agree with the cunning lizard and find answers to all questions.
Look around you:
There are diamonds, chests with coins, rings, and gold dishes. And there are other dragons, smaller, smaller.
Make friends with them. And one of them will be a real friend to you and be with you for years to come. Talk about your secrets. To brighten up long evenings.

An exciting game is suitable for school children and adults.

King Size  - 44x27 cm (17.3x10.6 in - A3-size sheet) - 330 pcs - average complexity, age 14+, assembly time 4-6 hours.

Size M - 33x21 cm (9.2x13 in - A4-size sheet) - 183 pcs - average complexity, age 10+, assembly time 2-4 hours.

Size S - 26x16 cm (7.5x9.5 in - A5-size sheet) - 97 pcs - average complexity, age 7+, assembly time 1-2 hours.

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