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How to glue the map?

All True Puzzle and Wall Decoration sets include glue and everything needed to glue the map. The map can be glued to any level ground.

We have developed a special system that allows you to perfectly position the map on the wall and all the elements relative to each other. With the help of a directional sticker you determine in advance the place where your map will be located. First, the setting continents are fastened: Asia and North America. Then, like the designer, the rest of the map’s parts are attached.

What is the difference between True Puzzle and other maps?

True Puzzle maps are the original puzzle in which you have to collect the whole world from the details, in the form of large-scale models of real countries and their provinces. Then, the ready map can be glued to the wall. All you need for gluing and also tags for countries are included. True Puzzle is the top seller in the section of unusual things and gifts. 

True Puzzle 100x60 includes 275 parts; large countries are divided into large regions / federal districts.

True Puzzle 150x90 includes 349 parts, large countries are divided not only into regions but also to provinces and regions to make the process more interesting and informative.

Wall Decoration maps are ready-made maps that you do not need to collect by country. They are attached directly to the wall by large blocks. Wall Decoration does not contain a division into provinces, only into countries. Due to the fact that we have removed all the elements necessary for assembling the puzzle (forms for assembly, transfer films, stickers for forms), the map turned out cheaper. For this price True Puzzle 100x60 cm you can buy a ready-made Wall Decoration map 130x78 cm, if you do not want to collect the world by country, we recommend this option.

Wall Decoration maps are the top seller in the "Home Decor" section.

How to make a map removable or fix the map on uneven grounds?

When developing our maps, we selected an adhesive that would guarantee guaranteed adhesion to the wall, regardless of its coverage (be it tile, paint, plaster, wallpaper, or even glass). Therefore, Wall Decoration and True Puzzle maps are not removable.

To make your map removable - just paste it on the substrate. Thus, you can mount the map on uneven grounds surface (for example loft brick) and also at any time you can remove it and outweigh it to a new location. We did not include the substrate in the set, because not all of this is necessary, but, at the same time, it would greatly increase the cost and complexity of transportation. It's much easier to pick up a substrate for your taste and order directly from the manufacturer.

We recommend to use as a substrate:

Glass. It can be ordered in any mirror and glass workshops.

Framed frame (as for pictures). It is ordered in Framing Workshops.

Color sheet material (fiberboard / plywood / MDF / chipboard). It is ordered in the building shop, in the same place it can be changed in to different size.

IMPORTANT. When calculating the dimensions of the substrate, we strongly recommend that you keep 10 cm of free space around the edges of the map so that the map does not look "stuck in"

What is the difference from Scratch Map?

Scratch map, in fact, is a regular paper map with the application of the erasable layer. Usually, the length of such maps does not exceed 100 cm. And they are printed on plain paper, which, often, crumples during transportation. The kit does not include frames or anything else that will allow the map to look decent on the wall. You can not attach photos or other "artifacts" from travel to such a map. To mark on such maps you can only whole countries and you can not separate cities and provinces.

The maps of Wall Decoration and True Puzzle are cut from 3 mm eco-material HDF. The sizes of the maps are from 100 to 150 cm, which that allow you to choose the map that suits your needs best. This map is a stylish addition to almost any interior and does not require anything extra to look great on the wall. Bulk tags Map tags allow you to mark not only countries, but also individual provinces and cities. You can also add pictures, money, tickets and other memories from your travels to create a unique world.

True Puzzle allows the client to immerse themselves in exploring of the world, offering to collect it from individual countries. By collecting a map, you essentially collect it in your head, studying the location of different countries or provinces. The study of geography turns into an exciting activity.