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$100 gift idea

$100 gift idea

     $100 is a good amount to select a good gift for any occasion. Though, another difficulty presents itself: how do you find a suitable gift, among the huge variety of proposals that will delight the person you are buying it for? We offer several $100 gift ideas for any occasion.

How to choose a gift

     When choosing a present, you need to focus on several criteria. These are; the gender of the receiver, the degree of intimacy, their profession, age, hobbies. Of course, a gift for a mom will be radically different from a present for colleagues. Here are several $100 gift ideas to help you make the right choice:

  • For a man: a picnic set, a whiskey decanter, a leather briefcase, an outdoor furniture set, a mini-bar, a bio-fireplace.
  • For a woman: decorations, spa voucher, gift certificate, hot air balloon flight, romantic rooftop dinner.
  • For a child: a phone, an electric scooter, game console, virtual reality glasses, game keyboard, and video camera.

     In addition to each of the listed $100 gift idea; a good suggestion is board games that will help you spend time together and strengthen relationships, develop logical thinking and ingenuity. Among them, for example, wooden puzzles from our collection - eco-friendly, very durable and made of natural wood.

Features of wooden puzzles

     All puzzles from our assortment are not only made of wooden pieces, but also come in beautiful boxes, which are also made of wood. In addition, the "Cards" series contain elements that allow you to make a room decoration out of the assembled puzzle. This is a base of thick cardboard and stickers to fix the wooden card on the wall.

     We offer many sets, with different topics, for adults and young puzzle lovers. Dinosaurs, animals, buildings and structures, planets - from all our puzzles you can assemble an original home collection of 3D figures. This is not only a great $100 gift idea, but also both an intellectual and entertaining activity for a large family or a whole group of friends!

     Any woman, as a loving wife, would be thrilled at the opportunity to get an amazing gift for their husband. And so, you might be asking yourself a question, how to pick a present for your husband that they will absolutely love and enjoy?


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